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Trevor Noah Hosts the Daily Show

It goes without saying that Trevor Noah is a comedian that almost every South African has come across at some point. However, with him becoming the anchor for The Daily Show, our bright eyed Safa is now hitting the global market.

In the month leading up to him doing his first The Daily Show, Trevor went from approximately 1,500 daily engagements on Social Media (about the same as a medium sized corporate in South Africa) to an astonishing 104,000 posts on the day of The Daily Show.

Social Analytics | Mentions of Trevor Noah

Mentions of Trevor Noah have escalated

While this monumental growth (in the same league as Madiba’s Ceremony at the FNB Stadium) speaks volumes to the global interest in the show it’s more interesting to look at what drove that conversation (globally):

Conversations About Daily Show | Global

While the vast majority of the conversation was simply information-sharing about The Daily Show, we’re also seeing some interesting observations. First off, about 7% of the conversation was specifically associated with individuals liking Trevor and giving him their support (compared to just 1% of negativity towards him).

If we look at just the South African conversation we can really see the pride that we place in our funny guy (and much less interest in who the guest was):

Conversations About Daily Show | South Africa

Popular Tweet

Across the total conversation, upward of 1.8 billion individuals were potentially exposed to Trevor Noah. More to the point, over the last few days, some enormous social media accounts have engaged on the topic of Trevor – a surefire way to catapult him into global fame.Engagement Rate By News Media

Just to make this 100% clear, have a look at the volume of engagement by Twitter handle (i.e. number of people @ing an individual):

Social Analytics | Top Mentions By Handle Name

Trevor out performed both his guest, The Daily Show and ComedyCentral… our guy is heading to the stars!

Mr Trevor Noah, we applaud you. We tip our hats and offer you all the best for the upcoming shows! #TrevorDay

This data was gathered and analysed using Crimson Hexagon’s Forsight platform.

youKnow Digital are Crimson Hexagon’s Sub-Saharan partners. If you would like to see more of the powerful features that this Social Research and Analytics platform can provide, feel free to contact us for a live demonstration.

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