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Social change: The Syrian refugee crisis

The Syrian Civil War was on the brink of eruption particularly after the 2011 pro-democratic protest. This violence then spread to different regions of Syria until it finally reached the capital: Damascus, where it  escalated. With more than 90,000 reported dead by the end of June 2013; just 2 years after it had begun, millions of civilians were forced to seek refuge in neighbouring countries.

Syrian Crisis 2015 Geotagged Activity

This topic took social media by storm; one platform in particular: Twitter. By using Forsight, Crimson Hexagon were able to  take an in-depth look at the global reactions and conversations being expressed.

We were thus able to clearly gauge what people were saying, how they said it , to whom they said it and most importantly WHERE they said it.

Download the full story, and dive deeper into The Syrian Refugee Crisis on Social Media to find out more about the findings around this event.

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