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Facebook Goes Down!

For the third time in a week Facebook has created a bit of a stir… on the 16th they announced the upcoming introduction of a dislike button (to mixed review), on the 24th the Facebook service went down and, 4 days later, it has gone down again…

Facebook Down Error Message

During this week conversation volumes grew, an astounding, 40% during the “dislike” conversation (compared to the previous day) it grew 18% on the day of the failure first failure and 90% on the second failure!

Looking at the breakdown in conversation, we see a marked increase in individuals interested in closing their Facebook account with growth on the day of the dislike button and substantial growth on both Facebook failure days:
Social Analytics Graph | Twitter Topics

Of those looking to leave Facebook, the vast majority were noted off the back of Facebook down-time:
Social Analytics Chart | #LeavingFacebook

While the relative volumes (compared to all of Facebook users) are low for those wanting to leave Facebook, the impact was felt around the globe:
Social Analytics Table | #LeavingFacebook By Country

So, while the vast majority of Facebook users are loyal to the brand there is an increasing community of individuals who are reconsidering participation in Facebook. A little down-time seem to have gone a long way…

This data was gathered and analysed using Crimson Hexagon’s Forsight platform.

youKnow Digital are Crimson Hexagon’s Sub-Saharan partners. If you like to see more of the powerful features that this Social Research and Analytics platform can provide, feel free to contact us for a live demonstration.

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