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e-Book: Social Analytics in the Agency Campaign Lifecycle

A crucial element in The Agency has been an understanding of their clients and the landscape in which they play. Today, with the sheer amount of unstructured data available, pinpointing the right conversation has become paramount. Data analysis is a driving force of any agency work, from truly understanding a brand to the nuances of their key audiences which allow for insightful campaigns. Because social insights from data informs the ongoing strategy, the tools used have to transcend basic metrics to be meaningful. This also resonates true throughout the entire campaign lifecycle.


Data and the Agency Lifecycle - by Crimson Hexagon

Crimson Hexagon’s Agency Campaign Lifecycle


This fantastic e-Book, from Crimson Hexagon, is a must-read for any agency looking to add value and become successful in the campaign process. More than that, it highlights the various informational roadblocks from pitch, to content strategy, to proving ROI (Return on Investment) and all processes in-between.

It delves deeper into the role of data in the campaign lifecycle and explains how:

  • Social data can inform pitch briefs and help agencies win new clients
  • Insights from social data give agencies deeper understanding when researching and designing a strategy
  • Social data can help media buyers purchase in a highly competitive media channel, making excellent decisions with their client’s money
  • Social analytics can be used to understand key client audiences, uncovering trends and media that resonate and inspire particular communities through powerful content
  • Agencies can measure campaigns in real-time, while the campaign is in motion, allocating budget effectively across channels
  • Agencies can use social analytics to define their value to their clients when the campaign is over, and the numbers are in “Prove it”, area of the campaign lifecycle.
  • By plotting the client’s goals early on, and accurately tracking the brand’s movement within its landscape the agency can prove their value to the client from pitch to campaign close.

The above is simply the beginning of what is possible in taking advantage of data within a campaign.

Click here to download  The Social Analytics in the Agency Campaign Lifecycle e-Book on a page dedicated to resources for agencies. It’s a free download and valuable reading for agency creatives, strategists and executives.  Leave us a comment on your findings, below.

youKnow Digital are Crimson Hexagon’s Sub-Saharan partners. If you would like to see more of the powerful features that this Social Research and Analytics platform can provide, feel free to contact us for a live demonstration.

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