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Brand impact in social media

Social Media

There is no better way to gain honest feedback than through a social network. Your brand or organisation is being spoken about – like it or not – and this is a great thing! Instead of paying exorbitant amounts of money on focus groups and surveys; you have massive amounts of unsolicited, nuanced opinion right at your fingers tips. The trick is Measuring Brand Equity and Impact in the Age of Social Media.

In this ebook, Crimson Hexagon introduces the essential components of online opinion monitoring. By incorporating them into your analysis, you can take full advantage of the opportunities that social media posts offer to you. We look at nine fundamental ideas below.

The social media archive

In order to get the most out of online opinion monitoring, pair current data with historical data in your analysis. Comparing current results to past campaigns offers analysts a benchmark that can inform future advertising strategies and answer important questions.

Stop counting, start Learning

Simple counting without in-depth analysis of context does not give an accurate or comprehensive sense of opinion. At worst, the insight can be outright wrong. The days of “any publicity is good publicity” are long over. You could have 5000 raw mentions, but these could all be brand-bashing. It’s important to understand the context and mention counts won’t bring back meaningful opinion data.

Filter Out the Noise

When you embark on the seemingly intimidating process of analysing online opinion data, you will discover that it is a task that is impossible to complete by hand and limited by most opinion monitoring tools. Problems may arise from the sheer number of posts, the nuances of language, posts having multiple statements in one, pop culture references and more. First filter irrelevant conversation and then look into meaningful categorisation.

Ask the Right Questions

Crimson Hexagon’s BrightView algorithm allows analysts to define their own categories of investigation and measure how the proportions of these categories change over time. By training the algorithm, you’re essentially able to look deeper into opinions. Instead of simply using positive, negative or neutral sentiment. You’re now able to look at opinions in the different stages of the consumer life cycle, for example.

Grow More Specific Over Time

Using the above-mentioned example of the consumer-product life cycle; opinion training needs to be refined constantly as results will change as the product is introduced, grows, and then matures. You and your technology should be flexible enough to pull changing insights per cycle.

Get to Know Your Audience

While a focus group or survey is built to capture the opinions of initiated and uninitiated consumers, online opinion analysis targets the initiated and the honest, unsolicited opinions they spread across the web. Those who choose to express their brand opinions via social media touch on a variety of different topics and have the potential to inspire or prevent those they influence from becoming future customers. Therefore, it is vital to know what they are saying, who they are, and who they are talking to.

Track Customer Driven Trends

When you measure the themes that comprise the broader conversation, you can monitor day-to-day or hour-to-hour trends that each theme follows; offering insights that can guide advertising, PR, and customer service response strategies.

Monitor Your Social Media Persona

Online opinion analysis can help you monitor your presence and direct future advertising and marketing strategies. You can analyze changes in your number of followers over time and engagement, as customers retweet, reply to, or ignore your posts. More importantly, you should be able to dig deeper into the psychographic profiles of those that engage with you. What are they into? What are their interests? How can you target them, or approach them in a more personalised way?

Skip the Snapshot – Get the Motion Picture

Conducting comprehensive opinion analysis that connects the past, present, and future will allow you to create strategies that incorporate customers’ changing opinions and needs as well as their feelings towards your competitors and the industry at large. Keeping all of these factors in perspective means that your strategy will be on target and adaptable as the market continues to change.

The above is a short overview of this comprehensive ebook. For detailed examples highlighting each of the components, please download it here.

If you have any questions or would like more information on opinion analysis and Crimson Hexagon’s benefits, you can always contact us for a free demonstration.

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