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Beer vs Craft Beer – South Africans are voting on Social Media

South Africa: we’re a proud, beer-loving nation. Everyone has their favourites, but with the craft beer revolution upon us, the choices have become more complicated. Fortunately, these choices are something that we, the public, are happy to express in the public forums of our chosen social networks.

Beer and Craft Beer in South Africa

Having a look at the public opinion and conversation around Beer in South Africa, we can see some definite areas that people like to focus on. A quick glance at the top hashtags around Beer discussion in 2015 shows us that Craft Beer does feature substantially (#craftbeer and #craft), but it’s intriguing to notice that #wine also makes an appearance. The Budget Speech hashtag appears due to the amount of discussion relating to the tax on beer and alcohol in general

Beer Hashtags 2015

The most used hashtags around “Beer” discussion in 2015

There’s no doubt, though, that the Craft Beer Breweries and Craft Beer Halls are the champions of Twitter. They’ve taken to the channel in a fashion similar to any tech startup. Have a look at who get’s mentioned the most in beer-related conversation. @capebrewingco has done exceptionally well, especially seeing that their hashtag #tastecbc also features in the Top Hashtag list above.

Top mentions in the Beer Category

The craft brewers own the top spots on Twitter

Using Crimson Hexagon’s unique Affinities feature, we were able to analyse how authors who mentioned Craft Beer compared to the rest of the beer-mentioning-population. Affinities measures an individual’s other interests, based on who they follow, what they share and what kind of content those that they follow share. Looking at the diagram below, one can easily see that the Craft Beer crowd are more likely to have an interest in Hard Rock Music. In particular, they are 4X more likely to have an interest in Iron Maiden, and 3X more likely to be interested in Seether and Linkin Park than the rest of the community.

Interestingly, they are twice as likely to have an affinity for Cape Town than for Johannesburg! (What does that say about the craft beer industry?)

Craft Beer vs Beer-Beer Affinities

Affinity differences between the Craft Beer crowd and the rest of the Beer population

It’s also useful to note that Crafty Beer enthusiasts seem to have a keen interest in GQ magazine. All media buyers, pay attention, because a simple affinity insight such as this could be the key to a successful media campaign.

Like it or not, the fact is that local craft beer breweries are dominating the social media space. Their more mainstream competitors don’t seem to feature at all. We’ll keep tabs on this and see whether the competition heats up over course of the year.

For more information on the alcohol industry and recent trends, you can also read Crimson Hexagon’s alcohol trends industry report here:

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